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attract clients with a quick, affordable and unique website


You want a deluxe and converting website as fast as possible without worrying about the techy stuff?

If DIY is not your jam and your budget is limited, but you want THE LOOK, THE STYLE and all the sweet perks a premium website has to offer.

Got a solution just for you!

How about using a pre-made template – just like any other theme you would use – to cut down the cost of having your own piece of the feminine, powerful online world?

I know, I know… must think that hundreds of other site would look the same as yours. But wouldn’t it if you were use any other WordPress theme?

These elegant templates are custom made by me with online entrepreneurs in mind and even if hundreds of websites would use them; they would all look somewhat different, because of everyone’s individual style.

Once we add your colours, text, images, deco and maybe move some sections around, you get that unique 10K worth of look for the fraction of that cost. Totally awesome!

How does that sound to you?

The unique, royal, fully customized DONE FOR YOU WEBSITE within your reach for only:

349$ (usd)

Please note: this limited low price is available only until there are 8 different templates to choose from.

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Divine Purple – New

Modern Flare

The Chic Effect Pure

The Chic Effect Velvet

Zest-a-licious Lime



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Once you have your heart set on one of the Done For You website template you can either purchase it right away or set up a free chat with me to discuss any questions you might have before purchasing.

Either by buying it now or just reserving a chat; I will be in touch with you no later than 24 business hours.

My priority is to make sure that you are happy with my services even before starting our work together, so whichever option feels more comfortable to you I am perfectly fine with that.

When all the formalities have been done and you have sent me all the required informations, I’ll start to transform the Done For You Website template into your dream website.

Average time to complete your website with the Done For You website service is 3 days. However this can vary.


//Watch your client magnet, e-mail list growing website come alive as little as 3 days.

DONE FOR YOU website package facts:

All templates have been designed with website visitors in mind combined with the latest design influences. So your website will look like it is from this era and not from 2000.
These templates are highly customizable, but to keep the cost down, I will not be adding any extra design or pages to it without discusisng the extra cost involved. If you need something totally custom, please check out my SMART WEBSITE Service.
This is a template, meaning other people can buy this same layout, but that doesn’t mean it will look exaclty the same as your.
We can arrange certain parts of the page  to fit your content as you like, but keeping the existing main frame of the page.
Some templates have 2 different version, so you can easily see how it effects the feel of the website.
This Done For You Service package – at this price point- limits the page text content to 500 word count. Simply,  because a 2000 words page need a completely different layout approach. In the case you need more text space, contact me for arrangements.
Your personality shining through with your own brand colors and images will make the website unique.
You should already have your own domain name and hosting prior to starting to build your website.

As well, your website copy (text) and images prepared in advance.



Stop worrying about layouts, formatting, integration, codes and the over all headache that designing your own site creates.

Leave the techy stuff to me and enjoy watching your luxurious website being created.

FAQ – Your questions answered

What is Divi?
Divi is a user friendly theme created by Elegant Themes. It is capable of visually change your website’s appearance.
What do I need to have a website?
First and foremost a domain name and a hosting service so people can find you online. if you need assistance to obtain those, please contact me.
Can you change the layout for a page in this package?
Sorry, the answer is No. If you want a different layout, you should look at me other service packages.

However, we can move sections around whithin pages, so the content fits the way you like.

Can you add extra pages?
If you need extra pages, please contact me for more information.

Price per page depends of the length, complexity of the layout.

How easy will be for me to add content to my new site?
Divi theme is very user friendly. Even a beginner can use it to add content, however the final custom design should not be played with.
Can I just buy the template and customize it by myself?
Sorry, at this time I do not offer this or any other template for individual purchase. But I might in the future.:)
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes. I offer the option for you to pay in 2 or 3 installements. Contact me for more information.




Check your email to receive your goodie!

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