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Effective Website Design For Small Online Businesses


I believe everyone should have a website that functions, performs and converts while truly represents them and their business.

Helping you build an online presence – website, sales funnel, membership site, PDF materials – that focuses on your audience, clients and your success.
No matter how new or seasoned you are in the online business world a first impression to a new customer is important. Let’s make sure it is a pleasant one!




7 Ways To Make More Money With Your Website


I am there with you from start to finish. Supporting, helping you and answering all your questions along the way.

I even do the “dirty” techy work..after all that’s why you really need me. Putting together the missing pieces, the “HOWs” and visual “WOWs” of your online presence. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Custom Website Design

Full Website, Membership Site, E-course Site, Sales Pages

Sales Funnel Design

PDF Design

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You see; not every web designer knows how to logically get the visitor from point A to point B on your website and most of the time they would just do whatever you say without giving you any advice on the strategy and the reason behind each element on your page. A piece of advice that can make or break your website’s performance.


I am Veronika Mestyan a strategist website designer who focuses on delivering what matters to you and your business in the online world.


Brand new website or redesign? Have a sales funnel on your own website? (Bye-Bye hosted paid solutions) Membership website to host your courses? Handouts, checklists or PDF e-books?


I am here to get it done fast and up to your standards. No pixels left behind!

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7 ways to make more money with your website

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